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Novelucent is a Product and IT services company serving clients across the globe - US/Canada, EMEA and APAC. We specialize in various facets of IT and have a solution for you irrespective of the size of your company or the market you cater to. We have the platter set for you with our front-end to back-end solutions. With our more than 10 years of experience in various IT fields, we are certain about what we do and with our rational approach, we do not set for less than your complete satisfaction in realizing your vision for your project. Whether it is to devise a strategy for your business, design & develop a perfect solution for your need or to help you in outreach and engagement with your prospects & existing customers through online marketing - we do everything for you. With immense experience in designing, developing and supporting applications and with a dedicated team of proficient and certified designers and developers, Novelucent has the expertise and knack to deliver solutions for your most paramount projects. We have solutions to fit every budget. Many clients across the globe leverage our expertise through outsourcing the work to us and benefit from our white-label services and solutions.

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what we offer

"Goals could be abandoned, VISION not"

We help you to realize your vision for your projects. Our company is a rare synergy between creativity, knowledge, effort, proficiency and an excellent business acumen. A designed beauty of such a synergy is that it serves only to add, never subtract.

why us

We follow Agile Project Management Approach which helps us to plan, organize, motivate and control resources to achieve your vision for the project effectively and efficiently through iterative and incremental methods of managing the design and build activities with collaboration between self-organizing and cross-functional teams. Agile software development promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development and delivery, a time-boxed iterative approach and encourages rapid and flexible response to change.

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We sincerely believe in the honest and open dialogue about the current state of the project. There’s no telling you what you want to hear. No providing misleading or hiding information. You review each step of a project and approve it before the next step is taken. We understand that transparency creates congruent conversations which drive congruent action. We believe that transparency is a key value in agile management as it can improve project performance and productivity. We believe in clear and open communication of business information in teams and to customers, keeping the development process transparent and understandable for all involved parties. Thus, everyone benefits, from those working on the project to those sponsoring the project, to those auditing it.

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The project is thoroughly tested and proofed before it is released. We inspect the work that’s been done to determine if the work results are in alignment with the stated and implied objectives of the project scope. We work diligently to ensure that all of the work is accurate, on-scope, and meets the objectives that you have defined. For us, Quality Management is the continuous monitoring and application of quality processes in all aspects of the project. We understand that businesses can’t afford downtime, hence applications are thoroughly checked technically before being placed into production.

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Effective communication to all stakeholders is the most critical success factor in project management. We understand that successful project management communication is about being there for everyone, being in touch with the real challenges of the project, understanding the real issues within the team who deliver the project and understanding the issues of the sponsors for whom the project is to be delivered.

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We offer you the best-in-class pricing for your projects. Our location plays a very important role in your decision making for cost analysis. We understand that you need to plan, predict, budget, and control the costs of a project. We help you with the same by completing your project in competitive prices compared to other companies. Please get in touch for your project evaluation and pricing.

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why us


Teresa Hodge Co-founder & Director of Strategy & Innovation
Mission Launch

I anticipate having a long-standing relationship with Novelucent! We have found our technology team and will use them on future projects. The level of professionalism and response was the best! Do not hesitate to use them. Thanks Novelucent!

Ranjit SainiFounder & CEO
Saini Synergy Inc.

Good Communication and accessibility is their biggest strength. You rightfully get what you paid for and can count on expert advice and feedback for things that are not in your interest. Honest, expert and sincere service providers. The finest and the best among all those that I have worked with so far.

David GershPresident
Outreach Local Marketing

Great job cleaning up the mess of another company on a somewhat complicated Wordpress site who was in over their head. Definitely recommend and will continue to use them.

Toni Paignant Cofounder and GM

Nice company to work with, quick & efficient, we'll work again together soon, cheers!

Preetpal Singh Enterprise Bigdata Architect

Novelucent has provided us an efficient and cost-effective solution to meet our requirement. They have consistently demonstrated technical competency, commitment and completed the project before time. We look forward to work with you again. Thanks a ton for keeping up to your promise and core values.

Prasad Mulaokar Vice President
Hashmap Inc.

We are glad to have chosen Novelucent for this project – they bring in world-class consulting skills, superb project execution capabilities, and a high degree of technological excellence to customers like Hashmap. Keep up the good work.

Malvika Shah MD

Novelucent kept us in the loop from the beginning of the project and not only completed the project on time but also kept updating us about the project status all the time. We appreciate your quality of work and moreover your transparency and technial competency. Have a great year ahead.

Whether you need ongoing development and support, or creation of a single software product, our engagement model is flexible enough to meet your diverse needs.

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