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Online Public Relations

Online PR is a form of Digital Marketing. It has its similarities with traditional PR and share the same objectives. Storytelling is at the heart of both - traditional and online PR. The only difference between the two is that online PR harnesses social media to improve digital marketing and increase search engine rankings. It focuses on activities tailored towards influencing media, communities and audiences that exist solely on the Internet using online channels. This includes search engines, blogs, forums, discussion threads, news, social networks and other online communication tools. Brand reputation monitoring and management is also a focus area for online PR.

This is How We Help You with Online PR:

  • We apply online PR tactics to place your brand story in front of the right audience, using the right medium, at the right time
  • With a proactive and integrated approach, we help you in your "Brand Reputation Management" by assisting you in building authority, trust and credibility in your respective industry
  • We integrate online PR with content marketing, SEO, social media and other marketing efforts, in order to achieve maximum ROI
  • Help you stay 'top of mind' with existing customers
  • Increase your brand's search engine and media visibility helping to attract and engage new prospects
  • Increase website traffic and referral opportunities/relationships, hence, increasing the conversion rate
  • Our Online PR Services are tailored as per your exact need and include:
    • Research of Competitive landscape
    • Audience research
    • Media outreach and relations
    • Online Press release writing and distribution
    • Case studies, whitepapers and other content items
    • Development of collateral materials
    • Crisis management
    • Editorial support to provide direction, quality assurance and brand voice consistency


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Key Steps for an Effective Online PR Campaign

Define Your Brand:

Analyze what your brand stands for and what sets you apart from others. What are the solutions that you offer? All the efforts should be to streamline your brand (Business name, tagline, Logo, mission statement, headshot) across all channels.

Determine Online PR Objectives

You should be aware of what you want to achieve through online PR. The achievements could be - to disseminate news about your brand, create more conversions from prospects, increase awareness of your services, strengthen your credibility etc. Every step that you take should be a strategic effort, in line with your objectives.

Be Aware of Your Niche

You should be aware of how the world of communication is changing. Be aware of the influencers, bloggers, writers, reporters, trend setters your sector. Connect with all of them.

Set Up a LinkedIn Profile

During the first quarter of 2015, LinkedIn had 364 million members. Create a profile on LinkedIn as it will not only help you to stay informed about your industry but also help you to connect to new people and find knowledge you need to achieve your goals. It helps you to stay informed about your professional contacts in your industry.

Publish a Press Release Online

Create a newsworthy story which is accurate and appeals to a broad audience. It can include:

  • New product/service offerings
  • Grand openings/business expansions
  • New hires/promotions
  • Community and charity involvement
  • Awards and special recognition
  • New customer/partnership deals
  • Milestone achievements
  • Timely expert advice
  • Industry developments
  • Customer successes
  • Unique human interest stories

Make sure that you follow the below for your online press release:

  • It should contain rich content - Videos, Photos, and Links etc.
  • You copy the information into the body of your email instead of an attachment because news desks get hundreds of emails daily and clicking to open an attachment may sometimes take too long.
  • Make it ready for social sharing – hyperlinks, social media links, blog links, video embedded, photos and caption in file info and in the body of the email
  • Have a spokesperson ready and available

Integrate Your Efforts for Online Reach:

Create your online visibility by influencing the following:

  • Columnists & traditional writers
  • Bloggers: personal & professional
  • Websites
  • Social media users: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest etc.
  • Awards, events and exhibitions
  • Directories, lists and organizations
  • Web searchers

Connect with media through platforms like LinkedIn to share your news. Spread news through your Groups. Everyone has their own way of approaching PR.

Aside from traditional PR channels, these online channels may be of great use to marketers:

  • Industry websites
  • Blogs - personal and professional
  • Forums: Topic-focused, industry-related and niche
  • Social media
  • Media-sharing sites and networks like YouTube, Instagram and Flickr
  • Wikis
  • Twitter feeds
  • Google Plus: events, hangouts and other groups
  • Linkedin: news and groups

Press Release Distribution Options

  • Vocus
  • PRNewswire
  • Business Wire
  • Marketwire
  • Cision
  • PRWeb
  • VMS

Measure Success and ROI

Analyze the impact and success of your PR campaign by analyzing metrics for:

  • Actual media coverage
  • Conversion rate
  • Figures on traffic - word of mouth, viewers etc.
  • Awareness amongst stakeholders
  • Office traffic - calls/emails
  • Brand Awareness

Continue to improve by enhancing work on pain points.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is all about monitoring and assessing your reputation in the marketplace. It also means acknowledging and responding to situations before they run out of control. The platforms can include blogs, forums, discussion threads and social networking sites. You should always allocate a proportion of resources for reputation management as your brand is your identity. It takes years to create a brand and few mins to ruin it.

It's imperative to monitor how and what consumers talk about your brand as this analysis provides you early warning signs for product or service issues. It also opens the windows to promotion opportunities that can be leveraged.