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NationBuilder App for Canvassing

Outreach. Engage. Achieve.

PhoneGage helps you in your campaign outreach. Volunteers can reach your prospective audience through phone and engage them in your campaign through conversation. It helps the volunteers to call from home using the web interface and is the easiest way to get your audience involved in your campaign through a safe and secure app.


  • Import people lists and assign them to single or multiple calling groups
  • Create calling groups and assign single or multiple lists to them
  • Call logs showing number of calls taken by a volunteer
  • Session controlled dashboard which expires after a specific time limit and prevents the same user to get updated by more than one volunteer at the same time
  • Show Events and Surveys from the nation
  • Add people as RSVP to an event and mark the shift timings
  • Answer survey on behalf of the user
  • Update core as well as custom user fields
  • Log contact for a user

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  • Will the app be hosted on my server or yours?

    It is a stand-alone application and will be hosted on your server.

  • What factors decide the pricing of PhoneGage?

    The pricing depends upon various factors like custom design, fields you want to integrate, workflow, admin functionality etc.

  • How can I contact you for pricing?

    You can fill the details in the form above and we’ll revert to you within the next 24 hours.

  • What are the support hours of Novelucent?

    We work 24*7 as we cater to all the regions – US/Canada, APAC and EMEA.

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